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VISM White Rock / Langley

Anna Dai graduated in violin performance from Haerbin University, Haerbin, China. She taught as a professor of violin on faculty of fine arts at the University of Hainan, China for more than twenty years before moving to Canada. Anna is passionate about teaching music.

She likes to fuse the fun side of music with the tedious, work side in all her classes, hoping to keep the students intrigued but also hard working. Anna has been living and teaching in Vancouver for 10 years. Besides teaching all levels of violin, she also teaches music theory and ear training. Anna often hosts parties that allow her students to get used to performing in front of a crowd.

She has many students that have achieved high scores in their RCM exams, as well as top placements in local music festivals. She hopes that everyone who studies music remembers to have fun.

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